Phil Charles latest

A wee birdy just told me that as of 30 minutes ago, Phil Charles was cleared of all charges.

Haven’t seen an official announcement yet….

Evening update : The Nature news team have been quick off the mark. They have a story already. As you will see there, it is still officially completely unclear what Phil Charles was actually accused of. But maybe we will find out by Monday…

Midnight update : Here is the NRF announcement. Possibly a tad petulant and stunningly unspecific.

4 Responses to Phil Charles latest

  1. Alex Murphy says:

    Sense at last…

  2. Michael Merrifield says:

    This might be of interest as the latest episode:

  3. andyxl says:

    Indeed. My southern contacts tell me there might be more news soon on this front, in which case it could be time to do another update post. Fancy writing it Mike ?

    • Michael Merrifield says:

      Tempting, but I am not clear enough on my “allegedly”s and “supposedly”s to write reliably on this sorry tale!

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