More than coincidence ? Part II

Some weeks back I drew to your attention (along with about three thousand other bloggers) to the eery appearance of the previous Pope in a bonfire, and the spooky similarities between Anglo-Saxons and Angled Saxophones. A few days back I reported Omar Almaini’s contention that Keef Mason is actually Chas from Chas and Dave. For the avoidance of doubt, I present the evidence:

Keith Mason with astronomical chums

Chas from Chas and Dave

It now seems that Omar’s detective juices are continuing to flow; he has discovered that our hero Brain Cox and the apparently inferior crooner James Blunt are actually the same person. See for yourself:

reamboat Brain Cox

Crooner and Military Superhero James Blunt

Well I needed cheering up. I’ve got a cold and the STFC cuts are getting me down. There is an upside. Since converting my blog into astro-politics, the readership has zoomed up. Monday I broke a thousand page views on one day for the first time ever. The wordpress stats are not that sophisticated so I have no idea if this is a thousand people or five nutters looking at their favourite bits again and again and again and again. Probably somewhere logarithmically in between.

Omar Almaini is eighty three.

7 Responses to More than coincidence ? Part II

  1. trevor macdonald says:

    1000 hits on astro-politics? clearly a lot of astronomers with too much time on their hands – weild the axe, Chas!

  2. uncle arthur says:

    Yes why on Earth are astronomers wasting their time trying to work out what on Earth is going on in this current mess with only their future careers and the future of science in this country at stake.

  3. trevor macdonald says:

    Future careers in a subject with no relevance, Uncle Arthur. Be careful – someone might get the impression we care, and after all the effort Keith’s expended to show we don’t.

  4. Chas says:

    A new Chas n’ Dave verse for you whingeing astronomers

    ‘cos you wont stop talkin’,
    why dont you give it a rest?,
    you got more rabbit than Sainsburys,
    its time you got it off your chest
    i think it’s time you learned that we’re all off to the moon
    and you ain’t gonna get your 80 million soon
    so come and join me in Dorkin’
    and stop being a pest

    Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit…

  5. Rob Ivison says:

    Slightly off-topic, for sure… I was at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen this week, at DARK, examining the thesis of soon-to-be-in-Embra Michal Michalowski, and I couldn’t help noticing the uncanny resemblance between soon-to-be-in-Leicester Andrew Blain and still-in-Copenhagen, Darach Watson. Time for a bit of DNA testing I think… can someone pinch a few hairs? 😉

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    • andyxl says:

      Sometimes I am completely bemused by spam. A fake comments about “crate trained dogs” from someone called “anxiety disorder” that links to a formal menswear web site ? Eh? Wuh? Pardon?

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